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 Esperanza4U is a private and charitable organization founded by Dr. Manoucher Seyfzadeh and Elia Gutierrez. After many trips to Mexico and conversations about poverty levels, hunger and inhumane conditions that many people live in, they both established the concept of creating their own organization. 

Esperanza4U was born in April 2007. They both traveled once a month across the border into Mexico taking food, clothes, medicine and treating patients. Patients were found on the road or at the orphanages they visited.

Currently, Esperanza4U proudly serves the Skid Row community in Downtown Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

our history

What is our Co-Founder Dr. Seyfzadeh up to these days...

Dr. Seyfzadeh is involved with the Global Medical Brigades program which is a student-run charity with chapters in many universities across the world.  His current mission involving  UCLA and CPTU San Luis Obispo pre-med and pre-dental students joined forces and organized a mission to Honduras in which he was asked to join as one of two US physicians.  This particular mission was focused on a small remote village called Lalabranza a few miles away from Talanga, Honduras. 

In this case, they identified that 20-30% of healthcare problems diagnosed in the ~1100 patients they saw during their week stay were water-born illnesses due to the fact that few villagers have access to uncontaminated drinking water. To supplement the scarce water supply from a mountain spring, the village drilled a well 300 feet deep and the water is currently being brought up to surface and into storage tanks by an electric pump connected to the power grid.  The current estimated cost to run this pump is approximately ranging from $500-$1000.  Compare that cost to a typical daily wage for field workers there: $1 per day.  This is one reason why most households don’t have centrally produced and treated water and instead family members drink brackish water from puddles and streams and even toilet water according to some accounts. 

In addition, the village does not have a healthcare center let alone hospital in the vicinity.  A small clinic in Honduras is called a CESAR costs about $5000-10000 to built.  From this situation analysis of Lalabranza’s medical and infrastructural problems, they made plans to install a solar-powered water pump at the well with back-up battery power during the night.  This system will take Lalabranza off the grid completely they believe it will save the village about $1500-$2000 per year.  These savings can be used as seed funds to build a CESAR with the help of the Global Microfinance Brigades and used to pay for a nurse to staff the clinic.  The overall goal is to help the villagers to help themselves and this of course, has always been Esperanza4U’s motto as well.
The current status of the project is in the design of the system which is not trivial, because of the pump requirements.  Helping Dr. Seyfzadeh with this amazing project is Ben Erker who is the director of the Global Water Brigades chapter in Honduras and Allen Rainey with whom Esperanza4U is well familiar from the Ciudad de Refugio Orphanage–Rosarito Solar project.

As always, we wish  Dr. Seyfzadeh would be able to join us here, but his work, passion for what he does makes him even more amazing spreading not only love to many parts of the world but spreading and providing Empowerment to those most in need. We're very proud of him.

Thank you Dr. Seyfzadeh for all you do.


A NOTE FROM OUR co-founders

quote of the month

"My Religion is KINDNESS"

​Dalai Lama


One must empower oneself by simply recognizing that one's power to make a difference is much greater than ever imagined. The rest will fall into place with shocking ease.

Esperanza4U is about empowerment, love and support. Our mission goes beyond feeding a hungry child. We provide them with opportunities to help them grow up and live under humane conditions to become productive members of their own communities.

Mission + Vision